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Lifting Techniques

Strains and sprains are one of the most common workmans’ compensation claims in all industries. Injuries to the back are often costly and can take a long time to heal. So how do we approach this issue? With more training of course.

We all teach proper lifting techniques to our employees (sometimes more often than we want to admit). However, the training we give is often the same each time; bend with your knees, keep your back straight, lift with your legs not your back, etc. Let’s be real, how many of us actually lift like this all the time? How many of you are constantly reminding your employees to utilize the techniques you taught them just the other week? Well why don’t you offer some alternative methods for lifting objects?

The Kneeling Approach: (as taken from

Golfer Lift

Everyone has seen a golfer reaching into the cup to pick up the ball. One foot stays fixed on the ground as the golfer leans forward horizontally to get the ball. The back leg points straight back to counterbalance the weight of the upper body. The back stays straight the entire time. Be sure to place one hand on a solid object to maintain your balance.


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