Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

Officer Changes to SOCO ASSE

Hello Fellow Southern Colorado Chapter Members,

For those who haven’t heard the bad news yet, I regret to inform you that our Southern Colorado Chapter President, Mike Wacker is moving on to greener pastures in Montana later this week (probably snowy pastures this time of year). As most of you probably know, Mike’s employment changed recently and he’s taking a new role with Plum Creek in Kalispell, MT. He’s been a faithful servant and great friend to many of us within the Southern Colorado Chapter of ASSE. Mike will be Mike will be greatly missed by anyone fortunate to have worked with him as he passionately promoted the safety profession and our Chapter. We’ll pass along his contact information to you when Mike gets settled into his new surroundings.

So what does this mean for the Southern Colorado Chapter? In accordance with our Chapter By-Laws, I will slide over and do my best to take over for Mike for the remaining months of his term. We won’t backfill my President-Elect office for now. However, we will be soliciting for nominations for our next President-Elect soon after the New Year.

Our terms of office are for two years and we were coming up on re-elections this winter for the next term that starts July 1, 2011. If you have never served as an ASSE officer, you’ve missed out on a truly rewarding opportunity. I have learned to appreciate the inner workings of our global ASSE organization and what it takes to promote the profession we all benefit from individually, and corporately. I encourage you to strongly consider becoming an officer in this important organization.

Please contact me or any of the current Chapter officers and let us answer your questions or discuss ways you can become involved with our Chapter. It takes volunteers willing to pay a small cost of your time to keep our Chapter strong and working to help us all improve in our important vocation. JOIN IN!!! It really is worth your time.

Garrett Wilkie, CSP Interim President, Southern Colorado Chapter


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