Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

SOCO ASSE Member Participation

The SOCO ASSE is in the process of changing the design of its website and looking to make a presentation for the ASSE 100 year celebration. As part of these efforts I am reaching out to you as members to assist in making these both visually appealing and informative. Remember the society operates on member contributions and you only get out of the society what you put into it. Therefore I am asking you to share some photos, videos or other testament to work you have done, projects you have worked, recognition you have received, landmarks, etc in your area. Some examples would be photos of some important landmark or project in your local geographical area (pikes peak, a large construction project your company worked on, a recognizable building or a building with historical importance), examples of successful safety efforts you have made to your organization or the community, something you are proud of in your community and wish to share with the world.

My thoughts for the website are similar to the region 4 website with a scrolling header of photos of things we can share that represent southern Colorado or our members.

The photos, videos and testimonials are going to be used in the 100 year celebration to showcase safety and the workplace in the southern Colorado region for the past 100 years.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you all soon. If you have questions, or would like to submit something please respond to me at the contact information below.

Troy Bridges
Membership Chair
Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter
303-361-4091 phone

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