Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

SOCO ASSE Membership

Hello SOCO ASSE membership. I just wanted to take a moment to ask you how you feel that the Southern Colorado Chapter ASSE is performing. Please take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What am I getting for my annual dues?
  2. Do I feel that my money is being well spent?
  3. Do I have faith and confidence in my chapter officers to make the SOCO chapter the best that it can be?
  4. Do I agree with the vision and mission of the SOCO chapter and the global organization as a whole?
  5. If I do not agree with any of the above questions, what am I willing to do about it?

The key to getting the most out of your SOCO ASSE membership is to put some of yourself into the chapter and the organization. If that means just committing the time to attend 2 meetings a year, participating/responding to surveys or other correspondence sent out to membership, participating on committees as they develop, running for an officer position, or just simply visiting the various social and web-based media and resources available to you, then do it.

It is true, the more you put into the organization, the more you will get out of it (I speak from experience on this). At our March 2011 safety meeting, at the Honeywell location in Colorado Springs, we posed these questions to the group. What are you willing to do to make this chapter better? Some of the ideas that arose were to create a committee to look into establishing relationships with the local schools and mentoring the students (K-12 and higher education), creating a committee to work on membership development, and creating a committee to work on setting up meetings and speakers for technical presentations. Whatever the option, take a moment to ask yourself; would I be interested in committing my time to that and what could I contribute to make this organization better.

If you have any additional insight, or would like to pursue some course of action, please do not hesitate to respond to this post or to email a chapter officer. Remember this organization is about the members, and the means YOU!  

So if you have not yet looked, please visit the following links for resources and information about your SOCO ASSE chapter:

FaceBook, YouTube, SOCO ASSE website, LinkedIn


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