Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

ASSE Member Benefits

This post is a reminder to all members and prospective members about the American Society of Safety Engineers and what the benefits are of being a member. Check out the chapter home page for a letter from the SOCO ASSE Chapter President; Garret Wilkie.

Do you remember why you joined the ASSE in the first place? Are you getting what you expected from your ASSE membership? Do you think being a member of ASSE is worth the annual dues paid? What are you getting for your money?

The American Society of Safety Engineers is a a global association of safety, health and environmental professionals dedicated to the advancement of its members and the profession through education and advocacy. The association values the protection of people, property, the environment, and the profession. It maintains the highest level of professional ethics, mutual trust, and treats all with dignity and respect. The association provides the highest quality service for members and customers while making responsible use of resources.”

Some resources and benefits include:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to professional trade magazine and other publications
  • Representation and Governance
  • Professional development and certification
  • Discounts on insurance, rental cars, and credit cards

Check out the ASSE member benefits page for more information.


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