Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

ASSE Spanish Services

Did you know that the ASSE offered Spanish services and newsletters? Check out the Safety Professionals and the Latino Workforce page for more information.

Membership in Safety Professionals and the Latino Workforce (SPALW) is open to all ASSE members.

The following is an excerpt on what the SPALW is all about:

SPALW Objectives

  • To provide an arena for safety directors, managers, supervisors, consultants and others who have a common interest in this subject to discuss, research, develop and implement new suggestions, ideas and recommendations for issues related to the Latino workforce
  • To offer important and valuable networking experience whereby individuals interested in safety efforts for the Latino workforce can support each other through existing and new strategies
  • To create an avenue and welcomed environment for individuals who have just entered the safety profession or who have existing safety responsibilities
  • To share and learn from one another using ASSE safety, health and environmental (SH&E) resources
  • To provide an environment and opportunity for one-on-one support through the development of a mentoring program in both English and Spanish
  • To lead by example in acknowledging our nation’s richness and ethnic diversity and to address issues of safety and cultural diversity, language, customs and traditions among different ethnic groups
  • To minimize and control accidents and fatalities



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