Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

SOCO ASSE 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Summary

On Friday June 3rd, the Southern Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers held their Second Annual Golf Outing.  Our first golf outing was held in October of 2010 and was considered a success given it was our first one and we learned a lot.  Our 2nd Annual golf outing was a great success for many reasons:

  1. We had a great team coordinating the many detailed aspects of  the event
    1. Jennifer Owens
    2. Troy Bridges
    3. Ellen Sarvay
    4. Robert Fontenot
    5. Melanie Money
    6. Dominic Romano
    7. Bill Tuten
    8. Tom Mull
  2. We have a great golf course to play at – King’s Deer Golf Club
  3. The weather has been PERFECT for the last 2 years
  4. We have had many wonderful sponsors – Team Sponsors, Hole Sponsors, Competition Sponsors and Prize Donor’s
  5. Our Door Prizes are getting better each year
  6. Many more reasons!!!!

For our 2nd Annual Outing, here is a summary of our success:

  • 58 players
  • 12 Hole Sponsors, 4 competition sponsors
  • Breakfast sponsor – Chick-Fil-A
  • 90 Mulligans purchased – Revenue of $185
  • 36 1-foot putting strings purchased – Revenue of $72
  • Total Expenses – $5,267
  • Total Income – $7,362
  • Total for Chapter – $2,094

The SOCO Chapter is using the Annual Golf Outing as an opportunity to build our financial resources to be able to put on a Professional Development Conference or many mini conferences in an effort to create education opportunities for our members as well as local businesses and employers.

We look forward to next year and each year thereafter to continue to create a wonderful golf outing and are excited about what the future will bring us.

Thank you very much
Tom Mull, CSP
ASSE SOCO Golf Outing Committee Chairperson


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