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Terminology Misconceptions

The following article in EHS Today is a fantastic article relating to the common misuse of terms and expectations in our industry. There is a lot of confusion and lack-of-knowledge regarding what type of training is necessary for a particular topic or hazard. This article helps to dispel some of those myths and gossip. Here is just an excerpt of what the article says:

So “OSHA-approved training” that will “keep your company compliant” sounds very attractive. The problem is that OSHA and other regulatory agencies never formally approve, certify or endorse commercial products…To claim that third-party training will “keep your company compliant” also is inaccurate. Why? First, regulatory agencies put responsibility for compliance on the employer, not third-party training providers. Based on regulatory standards, an employer must choose and provide appropriate training to affected employees and document proof of successful completion.

Click on the following link to read the entire article.

What Do You Mean By That? Use and Misuse of EHS Training Terms


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