Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

ASSE Leadership Conference Update

Celebrating the 100 year birthday of the ASSE. October 14th, 1911 was the birth of the association. Terrie Norris, society president, gave a great speech on the society and it’s impact over these past 100 years, and where we are going for the next 100 years. In addition the other various departmental/organizational vice-presidents also gave an overview of what is going on in their area. One area in particular that was of interest was the Practice and Specialties section that has had some fantastic changes in the past few years. If you are not part of a practice specialty it is something to look into. Also of note was the addition of social media channels, web site redesigns, and ither forms of electronic communication (i.e. webinars, virtual symposium, etc.). If you have not looked at the ASSE global website in a while, log in and see what is new.





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