Serving the members of the Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter

2012 ASSE Region II Spring ROC

Just finished attending the Spring ASSE Region II Regional Operations Committee (ROC) in Salt Lake, UT. This group is composed of ASSE Region II Chapter Presidents and/or other officers. The ROC is designed to create direction and planning for the regional operations and continuing to promote the mission and goals of the society. Region II is composed of the following chapters:

 I would like to thank the Utah ASSE Chapter for hosting the event. The ROC is held in conjunction with the student leadership conference. This conference allows student members to learn more about the safety profession, what ASSE is about, and develop skills that will assist them once they finish their schooling.

This ROC was a great success, both on the student side and the operations side. I am excited for the future of this organization. Many items were discussed and some of the topics/future business plans include:

  • A new fully funded Region II scholarship
  • The creation of the Rocky Mountain Chapter (formerly the Northern Colorado Section)
  • Review of the budget and allocation of regional funds
  • The viability of virtual student sections
  • Introduction of new RVP (Michael Lorenzo)
  • Future business model and operations of region II

As with any society, you get out of the organization what you put into it. This society is composed of environmental, safety and health professionals and is a volunteer based organization. It is due to the efforts of these volunteers that the society has grown and worked to promote the safety and health of individuals and companies around the globe. I would encourage any member to become more involved within their local chapter or section and to look into leadership and officer positions to expand their area of influence and leadership skills.

Troy Bridges
Vice President
Southern Colorado ASSE Chapter


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