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Fall Protection Best Practices

At the SOCO ASSE meeting, on March 20th (the group met at Champs at Briargate for a dinner meeting), the topic of fall protection best practices was discussed. Many great ideas and policies were brought to the table and members shared their methodology for communicating and training staff in fall protection requirements and applications. Some of the items that stood out were:

Honeywell has their employees, who will be working on their radio/communications towers, go through a specific physical requirement to ensure that they have the capability to perform the work. Climbing communication towers is a physically demanding job and takes a specific kind of individual to perform that word. Ensuring that the employees are capable of accomplishing their tasks prior to being released into the that there will fewer chances of accident or injury.

Colorado Springs Utilities trains their employees using some interesting hands-on demonstrations and knowledge tests. During the training the give groups of employees scenarios that the employees then need to identify what equipment they will need, how to install the equipment, and demonstrate they know how to use and implement the system they chose.

If you have any other best practices you would like to share, please comment.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the meeting minutes from the March 20th meeting. It is always valuable for me to hear and learn how best practices of other companies influence their employees vital behaviors in safety compliance and culture.

    May 21, 2012 at 7:30 am

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